Are you looking for something magical or extravagant for your walls? If so, then come visit us and enter the world of Handmade tiles.

Our tiles are not just ordinary tiles, they are specially tailored to suit your individual wishes. Whether you desire tiles with coffee beans, computer parts, natural stone, or even pine needles, spices or sequins inside them, Handmade is the place for you - anything is possible. We have developed a top-class product that can incorporate almost any idea.


Wall design


Whether it is for a private room such as the kitchen, bathroom or hallway or a public space such as a restaurant, spa or reception hall - a unique wall design is an eye-catcher that stays in your memory. The possibilities are endless but might be limited when demands for wall coverings are especially high. Whenever additional robustness, impact or scratch resistance, or UV stability are required and if the wall coverings must be water resistant and easy to clean, standard wall coverings are not the right option. In such instances tiles are the perfect choice.


The idea


The idea was to create a product that changes according to the customer’s wish, yet one that is always of the highest quality; a product that can be used to decorate walls, according to the customer’s own ideas. It is for this reason that our tiles differ to traditional ceramic tiles. After a long development period we are now able to present a product that you not only design yourself, but one that also has several particularly favourable attributes.


The product


Our tiles are exclusively handmade in order to meet your individual requirements. We can offer you a product that has more advantages than traditional ceramic tiles. Due to the synthetic resin used, it is possible to create individual designs according to your own ideas and desires. Other elements such as real coffee beans, pine needles, natural stone and more can simply be added on during the process. This is your chance to create a unique piece. There are practically no limits in terms of design; we are able to incorporate anything that is able to fit into the size of a tile.

There are two available options to choose from:


  • We can manufacture the tiles, or border tiles, according to your specifications.
  • Or, you may choose a tile design from our small but fine selection.


 The material


Our tiles are not made from ceramic, but are cast from transparent resin.

The benefits of this are as follows:



  • a unique design
  • resistance against chemicals
  • UV-resistant
  • high levels of rigidity and durability


Our tiles can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are even suitable for use in swimming pool areas where they can produce incredible effects. There is a very low risk of damage due to the robust surface of the tiles. Nevertheless, should you find a scratch appearing on your tiles then ordinary car polish will be able to completely remove it. Dirt has no grip on the smooth surface.


Areas of application


This is possible wherever you desire an exclusive wall design and wish to place high demands on material attributes. A special effect can be achieved with either tile borders, a tiled section in work areas, for example, or you can even tile a whole wall. Isolated tiles can also be placed intentionally amongst ordinary ceramic tiles to create a special highlight, unparalleled in effect. Of course, we are more than happy to help you develop your ideas.


Just take note that our tiles are not suitable for floor usage. The shiny surface of the tiles is slippery and could potentially cause an accident. Our tiles are intended to be fitted to walls or used for decorative purposes.


The workmanship


The fitting of the tiles places no demands on your technical skills. As with standard tiles, Handmade tiles are fitted using conventional tile adhesives - a special glue is not required.


You also do not need special mortar to fill the joints. Readily available mortar reliably fills the joints and is compatible with the resin used.


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